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Meet the Boulders Beach Gang!

Find out more about a few of the characters you’ll get to know on your adventure with Dave the Penguin!

Penguin called Dave with stickers

+ Each book contains free peel-off sticker card!

The Story of Dave
(who is really, really brave!)

Dave is a penguin. He’s a really nice guy!
Though other birds laugh at him, ‘cos he can’t fly.
But swimming and playing, he’s glad as can be,
when he’s with his best friend – a fur seal called Tandi.

One day, when the Queen’s birthday present got lost,
Dave dove in to save it, whatever the cost!
There were sharks in the water, all eager to bite,
but Dave went on bravely in spite of his fright!

This is the tale of how Dave saved the day,
and made himself lots of new friends on the way!

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